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Maldini not expecting Ancelotti move

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Paolo Maldini recently disclosed he did not foresee Carlo Ancelotti becoming the new Napoli coach and gave his opinion on Roberto Mancini’s rule under Italy.

The Milan legend shared a few interesting choice words for Ancelotti, the Italian team and the clubs in the Champions League final, just hours before the official start.

“They are two totally different teams. Liverpool will be wary, try to go on the counter-attack with their very fast strikers. Real Madrid will try to control the game with their usual characteristics of possession and quality,” Maldini added, according to Football Italia.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is very tough to mark, because just as you think he’s under control, he scores. He has now developed into a full-blown centre-forward. As for Mohamed Salah, his pace is out of the ordinary.”

“I was really not expecting that. I’m very happy for Carlo and we’ll see what comes of it,” he said of Ancelotti’s appointment as a Napoli coach.

Maldini also gave his few cents on Mancini’s performance as a coach of the international team.

“He really wanted the job and that is positive. The players seem happy and consequently, it’ll be a strong starting point for this new era.”