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Man City fan ‘done with Pep Guardiola’

Pep Guardioal, manchester city
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A disappointed Man City fan has insisted that he is fed up with Pep Guardiola’s tantrums.

Man City suffered an embarrassing defeat to Liverpool last night. The Reds have made the league their fortress after defeating the titleholders. Liverpool, still undefeated, is the strongest candidate to win the Premier League this season.

Pep Guardiola was shown throwing tantrums during and after the match at Anfield. Guardiola was very clearly enraged with the results which, according to his behavior, were the officials’ fault.

A Man City fan, in a call with talkSPORT, verbalized his irritation with the Spanish manager.

“I’m done with Pep now,” Robert began.

“I’m just fed up of this nonsense. He always complains to the referee after the game, but it’s not the ref’s fault that you’ve left a £60million player on the bench and you’re playing the little bald bloke [Angelino] who can’t keep the ball.

“I don’t know what he is doing. He has had the glory days and I am fed up of him. When he is interviewing now I am so fed up.

“I’d let [Mikel] Arteta take the job, or bring Mourinho for it. I’d pay for Mourinho as the manager.”

“We need a manager to come in and sort this lot out,” the angry Man City supporter continued.

“We cannot defend, we are awful at defending. Kyle Walker is dreadful and Claudio Bravo would not save a shot from my toddler.”