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Man City responds to Champions League ban

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Manchester City have responded to fresh claims on a possible Champions League ban as they prepare to face Watford in the FA Cup final.

The Premier League champions hit back at Uefa after reports surfaced they will be punished severely over alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play, which the club strongly deny.

Man City expressed concern after the New York Times revealed fresh details on the outcome of the investigation, launched by UEFA in March.

In a statement, City said: “Manchester City FC is fully cooperating in good faith with the CFCB IC’s (UEFA’S Club Financial Control Body Investigatory Chamber) ongoing investigation.

“In doing so the Club is reliant on both the CFCB IC’s independence and commitment to due process; and on UEFA’s commitment of the 7th of March that it ‘….will make no further comment on the matter while the investigation is ongoing’.

“The New York Times report citing ‘people familiar with the case’ is therefore extremely concerning.

“The implications are that either Manchester City’s good faith in the CFCB IC is misplaced or the CFCB IC process is being misrepresented by individuals intent on damaging the Club’s reputation and its commercial interests. Or both.”