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‘Man United were unlucky to play teams like Barcelona’

Manchester United, Barcelona
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Manchester United might have seen more success on the European front but for dominance from clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona, claims Paul Scholes.

Paul Scholes might have won numerous domestic titles with Manchester United but faced several heartbreaks on the European scene.

With a career at Old Trafford that saw the midfielder lift 11 Premier League titles, he could only boast of two Champions League medals in that time-frame.

Barcelona proved to be the nemesis for United, with the Red Devils losing out to the Catalan giants in the final twice in 2009 and 2011.

And Scholes believes his side would have won more Champions League titles if not for amazing sides like Real Madrid and Barcelona in particular under Pep Guardiola.

“We were quite unlucky really. In any other era we might have won four, five, or six European Cups,’ the Red Devils legend told the A Goal In One Podcast.

“But the teams that were about – you look at Guardiola’s Barcelona team. Jesus, how good were they?!”

“You could go right through the team. In midfield, you had Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi.”

“Henry on the left. Centre halves of Gerard Pique and Carlos Puyol. Just unreal.”

“They’re without doubt the best team I’ve played against. They’re one of the best teams that has ever been.”

Scholes went further and added on how United suffered at the hands of Madrid as well.

“If I go a bit further back I think of the Real Madrid side that we played against,” said the 45-year-old. 

“We got absolutely battered in the Bernabeu one year. 3-1 it was in the first game but what a team that was. It’s not far away from that Barcelona team.”

“We came up against some ridiculous teams. We did alright against them but Barcelona just had that edge over that great Real Madrid team.”