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Man Utd owner gives a Ronaldo speech in America

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To motivate a football team in America, Manchester United owner Avram Glazer used Cristiano Ronaldo as a paradigm.

Manchester United owner Avram Glazer used Cristiano Ronaldo in his motivational speech that he provided to the Tulane University football team in America.

Glazer and his wife Jill are prime patrons of the university. And the couple was hoping to stimulate a sense of urgency in the American football team in the middle of a tough campaign.

Speaking in praise of the Portuguese great and the all-time top scorer, Man Utd owner talked about Ronaldo’s work ethic.

Although, in doing so, Glazer made a slight error in mentioning the age at which Cristiano joined the ranks at Old Trafford.

Glazer said: “He joined us when he was 16 years old.” Ronaldo in fact arrived at United when he was 18 years old.

“And from the day he joined Manchester United, he was the first person to practice. And the last person to leave practice.”

“So great athletes don’t just be great, they’re not born great. They work extra hard, and they try their best and you just have to do your best.”

“You have to be as focused as possible and try to achieve what you can achieve.”