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Manchester City branded disrespectful

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Chinese media has labelled Manchester City disrespectful and arrogant during their Premier League Asia Trophy tour.

Manchester City arrived in China to participate in the Premier League Asia Trophy but it appears that the manner in which they conducted themselves has left Chinese people disgruntled.

Xinhua Agency has branded the reigning Premier League champions disrespectful and arrogant. Manchester City played games in Shanghai and Nanjing where they would eventually lose out to Wolves via penalties.

And an article claims that Chinese fans’ love for Manchester City was not reciprocated. While the likes of Wolves, West Ham and Newcastle have been praised, the Citizens have been accused of acting like royalty.

The article read:

“Taken alone, it might have been excusable as a one-off occurrence, perhaps due to jetlag or a packed schedule.

“But unfortunately for Chinese fans here and local media, it proved to just be one example among many of the utter disrespect shown by Manchester City to their hosts during their tour of China.

“For the Premier League champions, their appearance in China was nothing more than a commercial obligation, and their lack of enthusiasm and the indifferent treatment of their hosts stands in stark contrast to representatives of other clubs.”

CEO Ferran Soriano was also not spared with the article claiming the Manchester City employee of only being interested in pocketing money.

“While the other clubs were here chasing hearts and minds among locals, extracting cash from the pockets of fans has appeared to be the only consistent goal for Man City here in China.”

The news comes as a huge blow for Manchester City since the club has been trying to reach out to the Asian market for quite some time. In a bid to add more mileage to the brand, Sheikh Mansour sold a 13 per cent stake of a the club to Chinese Media Capital back in 2015.