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Manchester City gets drunk with goals vs Burton Albion

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With goals from De Bruyne, Foden, Zinchenko, Walker, Mahrez, and four by Gabriel Jesus; Manchester City secured the final vs Burton Albion.

The last Premier League victory against Liverpool FC last weekend seems to have awakened Manchester City, they played the Carabao Cup semifinal’s first leg and poor Burton Albion really suffered on Wednesday.

For a Carabao Cup semifinal match, the Brewers didn’t really put an opposition against the Citizens and we got the first secured finalist as a result.

The match started with Kevin de Bruyne scoring a header after an incoming cross from the left flank delivered by David Silva, who provided a total of two assists this Wednesday.

The Spaniard was the one who served the second goal as well, with an easy assist to Gabriel Jesus when a half hour had only passed and the Citizens had already bombarded the Brewers with several chances.

Just a few minutes before that, Jesus had scored his first goal of the evening after Leroy Sane was denied in front of goal and the Brazilian was able to reach the rebound in time.

Three minutes after Jesus’ brace, Zinchenko was able to score a screamer from a long distance that went in after going over the goalkeeper.

It was already 4-0 and Manchester City had secured the ticket to the final, but there was still a lot more to come during the second half.

Twelve minutes into the second half, Riyad Mahrez made his first worthy appearance after serving an assist for Gabriel Jesus’ hat-trick after a header.

The Brazilian striker was on fire, he came really close to scoring his fourth goal after a full hour had passed in the match but his shot was denied and young Phil Foden was able to get his goal on the rebound.

That was already six goals in for Manchester City, Pep Guardiola was enjoying the match from the sidelines with a grin on his face that reveals he is no longer stressed out as he was last month.

Young Foden’s goal is the perfect representation of the trust that the clubs placed in him, he accepted any contract that was offered to him and the results have been coming slowly but surely.

Other great young talents such as Jadon Sancho and Brahim Diaz decided to leave the club, mainly because Pep Guardiola decided to give Foden a bigger role for being an English young talent who is playing for a Premier League squad.

Sancho would’ve possibly had similar chances, but the Borussia Dortmund player didn’t want to wait any longer for his opportunity and the results have been very positive for him so far.

But Phil Foden is also having a great season, even if he maybe isn’t playing as much as he wants.

In the last thirty minutes of the game, Manchester City still had three more goals to score in order to reach the final count of the match as the whole Citizen crowd was enjoying the goal-fest.

Leroy Sane was able to put a long pass on the floor right on time for Gabriel Jesus to reach the end line with an advantage over his defenders, the German winger saw him getting there with very little angle and gave him the assist for his fourth goal of the evening.

The clock still had over 20 minutes on the clock, it was time for a defender to get his goal and Kyle Walker was the chosen one for this. Riyad Mahrez served him an assist from the left flank, and the English full-back pushed the ball in the back of the net.

The Algerian player wanted his own goal, he was finally able to get it after Bernardo Silva assisted him from the left flank as well, Mahrez was able to get the goal on the second try after the first shot got deflected by the defense.

This result pretty much decides the finalist for the Carabao Cup, there is no way that Burton Albion can come back from a nine-goal deficit for the return leg two weeks from now at Eton Park.

Which of the nine goals was your favorite from Manchester City this Wednesday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.