Mauricio Pochettino is reportedly next in line as the manager of the reigning English champions once Pep Guardiola takes another break from the game.

Following some great displays at Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino is getting admiring glances from Manchester. Reports claim that the reigning English Premier League champions are great admirers of the Argentine.

And what’s not to admire? The former Southampton manager had an amazing 2018/19 campaign for the Spurs under difficult circumstances. Last summer, the Londoners became the first team in Premier League history to not buy a single player. Despite of that, the team qualified for the Champions League. Thrown in the fact that they reached the final of the competition and you have almost got yourself an amazing story.

Though Spurs lost to Liverpool in Madrid, the City ownership has been left impressed with how much Pochettino achieved despite so many hurdles. Indeed, if such problems are tackled, Pochettino would definitely be able to finally win a trophy or two.

Pepe Guardiola has done wonders for Manchester City ever since he graced the English game. The Citizens are definitely the best team in the country at the moment. And a lot of this is down to the Spaniard’s astuteness that knows no bounds.

Raheem Sterling, Manchester City, Premier League

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Raheem Sterling is considered as one of the leaders of the youth England movement looking to make an impact in Europe.

However, Guardiola is likely to take a sabbatical from the game at some point. He did something similar between his spells as manager of Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

While the Spaniard is away to recharge and reflect on his life, Pochettino is seen as the perfect replacement. According to Express, Guardiola could very soon take a sabbatical from the game.

“Pep invests so much emotional energy into his work that it takes it’s a big toll,” the insider said.

“He never stops, but it comes at a cost and leaves him needing a break. It’s inevitable he will have to take a step back,” said a source as quoted by Express.


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