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Manchester City wins a title worthy Derby at Old Trafford

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League
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With goals from Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane in the second half, Manchester City gets a huge step towards the Premier League title at Old Trafford.

The Manchester Derby day at Old Trafford between United and City began with pouring rain on Wednesday afternoon.

The images of a stadium soaked in water threatened to leave the fans without their highly anticipated match.

However, the skies cleared just one hour before the game as a sign that this game needed to happen.

Both clubs desperately needed a victory in order to fulfill their wishes that bring very different outcomes for each squad at the end of the season.

Manchester City was perhaps the club that had the highest urgency to defeat the Red Devils, losing points meant handing Liverpool FC the title by the end of the season.

Manchester United couldn’t afford to lose this match either due to their complicated Top Four situation and the club also needed to fight for their pride.

This Manchester Derby was about much more than only three points, it was also about taking the title away from either the Citizens or Liverpool.

The Red Devils had the outcome of this Premier League on their hands, the first half gave us a very balanced contest between both squads.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s players were solid in the back and they didn’t let City keep the ball for long periods of time during the first 45 minutes.

The injury that changed everything

The second half was a whole different story for United, they started strong with a couple of good chances but the tipping point came early.

Fernandinho was unlucky to clash with Paul Pogba and injured his knee, this gave Leroy Sane his chance to play the Derby.

The German winger came into the game with a different energy, he completely revolutionized the game.

Fernandinho’s exit moved Ilkay Gundogan to his position and this allowed him to move with more freedom.

The German midfielder saw Bernardo Silva moving on the left wing and served him an assist for the Portuguese player’s strike.

The Citizens got ahead in the scoreline with a sobering strike from Bernardo but Sane still wanted his chance to make a difference.

It took the German less than 15 minutes to score his own goal that gave Pep Guardiola’s squad the result that decided this Manchester Derby.

It was pretty clear that Manchester United was going to struggle to find an opening with the limited resources they had.

Even talents like Jesse Lingard weren’t having their day, the England international had a chance in front of goal that he completely wasted with no keeper in front of him.

The Red Devils are unable to respond

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer attempted to get a final push from his players by getting Martial and Alexis on the pitch with eight minutes left on the clock.

The Norwegian manager’s face said it all, it was a sad poem of how United fell from grace.

Any hope that Liverpool had of the Red Devils possibly helping them win the title is completely squandered after this result.

The Reds only have three matches left to possibly get Manchester City to drop points if they win all their matches left.

The biggest hope for Jurgen Klopp’s side to actually get some help if any, falls on Burnley’s shoulders next Sunday.

Manchester City will have to visit Turf Moore two days after Liverpool play against Huddersfield at Anfield.

There is a slight possibility for Manchester City to drop points if we look at the historical record that Burnley actually has against reigning Premier League champions in recent years.

However, the hope remains very slim as this was considered the Reds’ final opportunity to get that final push for the title.

Whoever wins the trophy by the end of the season, we are still witnessing one of the most competitive Premier League runs in history with these two squads.

Who will win the Premier League, Manchester City or Liverpool? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.