Manchester City’s similarities with Guardiola’s Barcelona

Let’s talk about the striking similarities that this season’s Manchester City is having with Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona from 2009-2011.

Even if Pep Guardiola refuses to accept that this Manchester City side is very similar to FC Barcelona when he was the manager, the similarities are difficult to avoid and each day that passes becomes more evident that this squad has something very special.

Pep himself was in awe to the way in which all his players have managed to overcome that “champions’ curse” that every club tends to go through after a successful season, he was very happy for the way in which the Citizens have been able to withstand the pressure in the most difficult season for them since the Catalan club arrived.

Pep knows what a massive challenge it’s been for his squad given the amazing season Liverpool is having under Jürgen Klopp, which is why he was so excited after that historic 6-0 victory against Chelsea.

We all know that a victory this swift over a massive club like Chelsea is something that doesn’t happen very often, Guardiola realized this right after the match and he commended all his players for taking the competition all the way to this point against Liverpool.

After last season when the Citizens broke so many records in the Premier League and win by so many points, coming back this season was obviously not going to be easy and the other squads have been good enough to compete up to this point against this squad.

If Liverpool wins this Premier League trophy, the significance of this achievement will be even greater because that means they will defeat a legendary squad such as Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

The Catalan manager doesn’t want to see it yet, but the way in which the players have integrated themselves to his philosophy is very similar to the way in which the Catalan club played between the years 2009 and 2011.

There are very few clubs in the world right now that can compete against this squad, that 6-0 brought back so many memories from that 6-2 that Barcelona got at the Santiago Bernabeu when they faced Real Madrid in the 2008-09 season.

Taking this first place will be very difficult for Manchester City at this point, even more so when you realize that the next Premier League fixture will have Liverpool visiting Old Trafford.

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When asked about these similarities between this Manchester City and that FC Barcelona, Pep still denies they are equally successful squads but he does mention some things that resemble.

“During the time I’ve been in England we have already won a total of three trophies, Barça won a lot more than that in the same time period,” said Pep via Diario Sport.

“However, the level of hunger and commitment in every match is the same. The respect for the competition is the same, I think those details are very similar.”

“Maybe the players and our staff don’t like each other very much, that is because we are constantly on top of them and we don’t let them breathe but that’s the way we like to work.”

“This is the only way to work that we understand. Maybe in the future when we are not together anymore, we will remember these days and it will be fun to reminisce about the past.”

Pep knows that he doesn’t have that much time left at Manchester City, his working methods tend to tire all his players and he understands that they don’t want to keep working with him after a period of time.

This happened in Barcelona as it did at Bayern Munich, the players are not machines but Pep does tend to treat them like that sometimes.

Do you think Pep Guardiola will win the Champions League with Manchester City or will he leave the club without that honor? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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