Manchester United players want Mourinho’s head

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 25: Jose Mourinho, Manager of Manchester United walks off dejected after the Carabao Cup Third Round match between Manchester United and Derby County at Old Trafford on September 25, 2018 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

In a figurate speech, many Manchester United players are tired of Jose Mourinho’s endless problems with some of their teammates and want his head.

After this Wednesday’s explosive video that proves the war between Mourinho and Pogba is real, an explosive report from ESPN confirms that most of the Manchester United players want the manager’s head on a spike. This is obviously a figurate speech, all they want is his resignation of for Ed Woodward to sack him once and for all in order to save a season that is already starting to look awful from anyone’s perspective. For the Red Devils, it should be more alarming losing a player like Paul Pogba who is arguably one of the best midfielders in the world, than losing Jose Mourinho who has lost his touch since the days at Real Madrid. We have tried to figure out what the Portuguese manager’s problem is with many of his players during the last decade, but it’s hard to come up with a coherent explanation that doesn’t involve him losing his mind over trivial things that ultimately end up with the boss getting sacked or flat out resigning. The latest war with Paul Pogba is just the tip of the iceberg, Jose Mourinho has a long and infamous history of heated arguments and wars with some of the biggest names in football during his last three spells with Real Madrid, Chelsea, and now Manchester United. That manager everybody liked in the past is long gone, this Mourinho looks a lot more like last season’s Antonio Conte actually.

The last match that Manchester United played in the Carabao Cup against Frank Lampard’s Derby County, this was arguably one of the biggest blows that the Portuguese manager could’ve gotten in such a complicated season for him. The players hardly seemed involved with the cause, they don’t look like they are doing an effort and that has a very good reason. The vast majority of the players are completely against the Portuguese manager, they all consider that he is now more involved in a pissing contest with Paul Pogba than actually taking the team out of the hole they got themselves into. Veteran players are the most fed up about this whole situation, they fail to understand what has changed in Mourinho and there are very few of them who are actually on the manager’s side on this one. Maybe only Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku are behind him, but if they get to choose between the squad and him, we have a feeling that they will pick the collective and prefer to remain at the club if the manager gets the boot. Things are just not the same compared to previous jobs he had, his methods are too outdated and this season seems very difficult to salvage by this point.

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The biggest proof that Jose Mourinho has completely lost tune with most of the players is last Tuesday’s match, Paul Pogba’s video where he mocked the result alongside other players from the squad that was left out for this game is just a reflection of what’s going on. The general sensation that most of the footballers have, is that Jose Mourinho shouldn’t be the manager of Manchester United and they are starting to show signs of the classic way in which the players get their own boss sacked. This Wednesday’s video where people could see a heated argument between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba, is the result of this frustration that the manager has but this is only his responsibility. We’ve said this before several times already, but Jose Mourinho really needs to take a break from football for at least a year and think about his strategy to approach players. There is no way that the Portuguese manager can coach again using this method, it’s already been proved three times that the players don’t click with him anymore and he should’ve picked up the signs by now. The final days of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United are upon us, unless Ed Woodward doesn’t see the obvious and he decides to sell Pogba instead.

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