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Manchester United stay miserable

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In what was yet another pathetic display, Manchester United wilted away against Newcastle United away from home.

Manchester United are clearly in the worst form in the club’s history….or at least recent history. The institution that Sir Alex Ferguson left behind, is nothing but a relic of the past.

It’s been almost a decade since the great Scot left and things just haven’t been the same. Clearly, this is a club is in demise no matter what the likes of Ed Woodward tell you about off the field performances.

Revenues are definitely growing but the club’s prestige is taking the sort of hit that really makes you wonder if the mentality of the next ownership is going to be as pathetic as the current one. Though the owners are unlikely to sell the club, whoever ends up buying this mess, is definitely going to treat Manchester United the way an ATM is treated.

Moving on from the lousy ownership, problems on the field are equally woeful if not more. The image of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer pleading Fred to take a few steps back to ensure that Manchester United are not hit on the counter and the Brazilian understanding the instructions a little too late speaks volumes of what is happening at the club.

It is now 11 games since Manchester United registered a win away from home. Ironically, the last time the Red Devils ended up winning an away game was on that fateful night in Paris where a surprise win over PSG resulted in the club handing Solskjaer a long-term deal at Old Trafford.

Results have been pretty bad since then. Manchester United have not done well in the league at all. The win over Chelsea was a false dawn in all honesty. Clearly fans could not have done without something like that….giving them hope and snatching it back.

Marcus Rashford once again looked like a player who had no idea what he was doing on the field. The English striker is yet to score more than 10 goals in one season and it is clear why fans are super annoyed at his form.

The youngster may be 21 but with nearly four full seasons under his belt, should be delivering week in week out and leading by example. Sadly, that isn’t the case with the striker mostly cutting a forlorn figure and not really forming the right chemistry with his teammates.

And if that wasn’t enough, one has to look at the overall state of the midfield. One would find it hard to point out one single player who could actually spread passes around on a consistent basis. Granted that Paul Pogba has been a bad influence but no one has really stepped up either.

The likes of Juan Mata, Scott McTominay and Andreas Pereira aren’t the type of players who would actually play the orchestra.

Clearly this is a team in decline and with the season rapidly nearing its halfway stage, one can only hope of a quick turnaround time.