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Manchester United women lost, but they still want to make a difference

Manchester United, Manchester City, Women's Super League
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Manchester United lost 1-0 against Manchester City in their Women’s Super League first match, and the Red Devils are still hopeful for a good season.

For the first time ever, Manchester United fielded a Women’s Super League squad as the team battled against Manchester City.

The Red Devils lost 1-0 but the game helped the team set the first stone in their pathway to future glory.

“It doesn’t get any easier that’s for sure,” manager Casey Stoney said to Goal.

“We’ve got to play Arsenal next Monday so we recover very well – we’ve got a few knocks so we assess how they are – and we talk about the positives we can take from the game, and the learning points as well.”

“I think, personally, other clubs will look at today and go, ‘they’ve had a go and they’ve competed’ and therefore I think we’ve given ourselves a bit of respect within the league,” she said.

“It’s bittersweet isn’t it.”

Stoney added: “I think the sweet part is that you know you’ve completed, and I think it’s given the players a real belief now that we can compete.

“But it’s obviously bitter because you’ve lost the game.”

“My opinion, and it’s only my opinion, is that we stay at Leigh and we consistently try and get good crowds,” she said, echoing thoughts of opposing manager Nick Cushing,” she commented.

“We need to sell out Leigh before we even look at Old Trafford because it becomes a one-off.”