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Mancini – I’ve told Balotelli he is throwing it all away

Mancini, Balotelli
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Italy’s national team coach Roberto Mancini insists he has told Mario Balotelli he runs the risk of throwing his career away.

Mario Balotelli is on his way out of another club, for no other reason than a personal fall out with Brescia’s management and ownership.

Mario Balotelli appears to arrive at a new club and eventually hit the self destruct button.

He has done it at almost every club he has ever played for.

His latest fallout comes at Italian Serie B bound side Brescia. It was supposed to be a romantic return to his home town, but it has been nothing more than a disaster.

His one time boss at Manchester City who he had a very public training ground bust-up has jumped to his defense.

Roberto Mancini who is now the boss of the Italian national side has spoken up for the troubled player.

Speaking to RAI Sport, the Azzurri boss wants nothing more than the striker to realize his potential before it is too late.

Mancini said:

“I care for him, regardless of all the things he does.”

“I trained him when he was still just a kid, I played him and he was extraordinary for any years.”

“My hope is that he will do something to change all this, as he’s still only 30 years old and would be at the peak of his football maturity.”

“I hope one day he wakes up and realizes he’s still throwing his talent away.”

“Mario is an extraordinary lad, so kind and polite. I have explained to him many times that he is throwing his talent away because his potential is remarkable.”

The question is who is brave enough to take on Super Mario Balotelli and all is psychological baggage?