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Mancini says Italy can win the Euro and World Cup

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The Azzurri manager has explained why his team cannot limit their ambitions and what they can accomplish in the future.

The Italy national team missed the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

And manager Roberto Mancini started a new chapter in the Azzurri.

Now, today he said he wants to win the EURO 2020 and the next FIFA World Cup with his nation.

“It was a serious problem that the Italian people no longer felt affection for the Nazionale because this is everyone’s team and has given us all moments of incredible joy,” he told Football Italia.

“When we arrived, the players and fans were demoralized, because we’d never seen Italy fail to qualify for a World Cup.”

He explained: “Unfortunately, these things can happen, football is like that, and the coach isn’t always the only one at fault.”

“When we started working here, nobody believed we’d be able to break out of the tunnel. People told me ‘you don’t have any decent players’.”

“However, Italy will always churn out talented players. It’s one of the few elements we’ve always been able to rely on,” he said.

“You might have a period without a phenomenon like Francesco Totti or Alessandro Del Piero, but talented players are always there.”

“Therefore, we mustn’t set any limits to our ambitions. I want to win the European Championship and the World Cup. We haven’t won the Euros since 1968, so there is even more reason for us to push for that,” he concluded.