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Mane probably the most humble man in football

sadio mane, liverpool
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Liverpool’s millionaire forward Sadio Mane is probably the most humble man in football.

Mane is one of the hottest strikers in the Premier League right now, his weekly salary is probably more than most earn in a year.

Yet Saido Mane is humble enough to help the kit man.

Video footage has emerged of Mane while he is away with his native Senegal on international duty.

In the video, the Senegal kit man can be seen left with a bus full of things to unload including cases of water.

As others can be seen walking by and even considering helping out.

Mane being the gent that he is gets stuck right in and picks up a couple of cases and totes them into the facility.

This is not the first time Mane as demonstrated such an act of humility and kindness.

He was filmed helping out at a local mosque, where he undertook the task of cleaning the bathrooms.

In a day and age where footballers ear millions and all too often don’t even give a glancing look at the everyday man, Sadio Mane restores our faith.

Sadio Mane, the most humble man in football, we salute you.