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Maradona can’t decide between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

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During an exclusive interview with France Football, Diego Maradona changed his tune and was undecided between Messi and Ronaldo

Whenever you ask Maradona about Messi and Ronaldo in the past, he always chose his compatriot. But as time has changed with Cristiano getting more recognition, it appears Diego is having a sudden change of heart. The Argentine legend offered an interview with France Football and discussed many topics about the past and the present. He revealed how much he would love scoring another ‘Hand of God’ against the English.

How he nearly signed a new contract with Marseille when he was in his prime. But none of his statements were as surprising as the one about Messi and Cristiano. Maradona truly respects everything both players have done throughout their careers.

We don’t think he thinks any of them are better than him, but it’s obvious he no longer thinks Leo has the edge over the Portuguese star. This is a major development that plays against Messi and the legacy he can leave when he retires. 

Maradona’s exact comparison between Messi and Ronaldo. 

“Messi and Cristiano, Cristiano and Messi. For me, these two are a cut above the others,” Diego told France Football.

“I don’t see anyone approaching them. Not a single personal [will] achieve half of what they do.”

“I dream of being able to score another goal against the English, with the right hand this time,” he added.

“The leaders of Marseille contacted me and offered to double my salary,” said Maradona.

“I was playing in Naples at the time and president Ferlaino told me that if we won the European Cup (the UEFA Cup), he would let me go.

“[Marseille president] Bernard Tapie and [manager] Michel Hidalgo even came as far as Italy to see me to make me a proposal and so that we could all discuss it together.

“Once I returned to Naples I said to Ferlaino ‘thank you President for all these beautiful years, I am going’.

“At that point, he started playing the fool, like he didn’t understand, and he backtracked. End of the story.”