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Maradona gives his verdict on the best ever – and it’s not Messi

diego maradona, argentina
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Diego Maradona is and always was a controversial figure unafraid of making his opinion public, whether someone likes it or not.

This, in part, propelled Maradona to become such a legend both at Argentina and Napoli.

The Argentinian changed his mind multiple times in the past.

However, his latest choice is the unusual one.

According to AS, Maradona said:

“Best player in history? Di Stéfano, he was superior to everyone – even me.

“Pelé didn’t want to recognize Di Stéfano’s talents. Pelé’s friends invented a trophy especially for him for being a living legend.

“I even beat Pelé in Río for being the best in history.”

It’s a shame that a lot of Di Stefano’s footage was lost in the past. However, his record speaks for himself.

Real Madrid’s legend made the club’s history and lifted Los Blancos to the pedestal they’re sitting on today.