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Maradona loves Messi, but insists “he couldn’t do what I did”

Lionel Messi
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Maradona has nothing but love and appreciation for Lionel Messi, but he also insists that his compatriot could not go through what he did in his career.

Messi disappointed in the Champions League game at Maradona’s one-time kingdom of Naples.

The Argentine legend Maradona had played for both Barca and Napoli. But the San Paolo club is the ones closest to his heart.

He is usually ever supportive of the heir to his throne as the greatest Argentinian footballer ever. But he admitted prior to the game he wanted Napoli to beat Messi and Barcelona.

Now its all over, he still loves his compatriot, but according to Forbes, while Maradona admits Messi is the best, he could not handle what he handled as a player.

He said:

Messi is an enormous talent and a very good boy.”

“He must continue his career and his life knowing that he is the best football player today.”

“Even though he didn’t play a great game against Napoli.”

The Gimansia la Plata boss insists that when he played, there was more scrutiny, and his every move was watched.

He doesn’t believe Messi could handle it.

He added:

“I would have liked to have faced Messi.”

“[But] he arrived at a San Paolo in decline.”

“Messi has never lived what I experienced, but he can play safely in Naples.”

“He couldn’t do what I did, let’s clarify, but I’d like the Neapolitans to have a Messi.”

He may have a valid point.

It is true Barcelona will be a top side with or without Messi. Unlike Napoli who was only a top side because of Maradona.

How would Messi cope in a mediocre side?

Messi’s performance is not something we are used to seeing from the man many consider the GOAT.