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Marcelo backs Isco and laments Mourinho’s sacking

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Brazilian Marcelo spoke about two main topics this Monday, first he discussed Isco Alarcon’s delicate situation and then he talked about Mourinho.

It was just last week when Marcelo sent Isco Alarcon a message that hinted at a certain level of discomfort between both players, but the Real Madrid left-back wanted to clarify that on Monday during his latest press conference ahead of Real Madrid’s most recent Club World Cup match against Kashia Antlers.

The player must’ve been advised to not create more fuzz around the whole subject and did well to praise Isco ahead of this match.

Marcelo also lamented how Jose Mourinho got sacked at Manchester United, as he remains one of the few players who still respect the Portuguese manager.

“We all know about Isco’s quality,” said Marcelo via Marca.

“For me, he is the one [in our squad] with the most quality on the pitch. Sometimes players play more, sometimes less, there are different moments.”

“We should not go over it so much. Isco is with Madrid to the death, like all the players. Our togetherness comes from the union we have within the dressing room. The base of the team has been playing a long time together, which has brought us to where we are now. But we still have a lot of hunger to win trophies,” he continued.

It was quite inevitable that Marcelo wouldn’t mention Jose Mourinho’s sacking at Manchester United at all, the Brazilian played a fair amount of matches under the Portuguese manager and keeps great memories from their time together.

“[His sacking] is a pity as he is a great coach and for him to be without a club is a pity. It’s not for me to say if he should come to Real Madrid, but I really appreciate all he did for me at this club,” he concluded.