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Marcelo Bielsa, the unluckiest manager in modern football

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We need to talk about the unfortunate tale of Marcelo Bielsa, he is the most unfortunate manager in modern football history. We tell you why.

Even though Marcelo Bielsa is widely regarded as one of the wisest football figures in history, even he has talked about how unlucky he is.

This Wednesday was the second leg of the Championship’s playoff between Leeds United and Derby County.

Marcelo Bielsa’s squad had an initial 1-0 advantage after winning the first-leg against Frank Lampard’s squad.

This match had pretty much all the ingredients for Leeds to take the result but instead, we got another doozy from a Bielsa squad.

The Argentine manager has been constantly on the receiving end of football’s misfortunes, his squads always tend to shake their legs in the key moments.

Leeds United even got the lead during the first half through Dallas, but a horrible mistake by Kiko Casilla was the reason another Bielsa nightmare started.

Marriot just came in during the first half and he was the one who changed the atmosphere in Derby’s favor.

The Rams came back from the break with a new found confidence to silence Elland Road, Mount scored the second goal of the evening to even things out in the playoff.

Wilson scored the third goal for Derby from the spot after a penalty was awarded in their favor.

Dallas’ second goal for Leeds United didn’t really help much because Berardi was sent off just minutes after that.

Marriot was the hero of this match after scoring the fourth and final goal for the Rams, who will play the final at Wembley against Aston Villa on May 27.

This result gives Marcelo Bielsa’s bad luck a whole new meaning, the Argentine manager can’t catch a break.

Ever since he left Argentina in order to manage other clubs from around the world, this coach hasn’t won titles that are worth mentioning.

Bielsa always becomes one of the competition’s main attractions but he always falters near the very end.

This has happened to Bielsa when he managed Argentina, Chile, Athletic Club Bilbao, and now as the Leeds United manager.

The people from the English club really felt like they were onto something special this season, but all they got was more of that Marcelo Bielsa curse that all those other squads have gotten over the years.

There is no way of knowing if the Argentine manager will continue at Leeds United next season, but he sometimes tends to end his contract when he doesn’t like how the whole atmosphere is working.

It all started with Argentina during the 2002 World Cup.

Perhaps where the whole bad luck started for Marcelo Bielsa was with the Argentina National team.

He took control over the squad in 1998 right after the World Cup in France, the plan was to take the squad to the 2002 tournament.

Bielsa’s team was literally flying towards the competition, they dominated the qualifiers and were considered title contenders before it even started.

There is no way of knowing what happened but that Argentina squad didn’t even make it past the group stage.

Something very similar happened to Bielsa during his time at Atheltic Bilbao, he lost the Copa del Rey and Europa League finals when he was coaching that club.

It all comes down to what happened tonight at Elland Road, which is more of the same from a manager who maybe gets more credit than he deserves.

The managers who are remembered in football history are the ones who win titles, Marcelo Bielsa hasn’t really made an impact with the squad’s he’s coached since he left the Argentine league back in the ’90s.

How would you describe Marcelo Bielsa’s failed season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.