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Marcelo can’t pick between Ronaldo, Cristiano, and ‘Dinho’

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During an interview with Diario AS, Marcelo revealed that he struggles to pick one player out of Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Ronaldinho.

We can’t say that we blame Marcelo for not being able to pick his favorite out of the three Ronaldos, which consist of Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Ronaldinho.

These three players are the reason we opened this website in the first place, we also struggle on a daily basis to pick one out of the three.

Choosing between these monsters is very similar to when an animal lover tries to pick his favorite, his pick changes every single day depending on his mood.

With these three all-time greats, you can pick your favorite of the depending on what type of spectacular football you want to watch.

Even I have to admit that I do go on Youtube daily and just watch a compilation of the one I feel like watching, I even watch all three of them in a single day if I’m feeling down or sad.

Watching videos of these players is like medicine for the soul, if you love football of course.

Let’s go chronologically so you can understand where we are coming from, shall we? Ronaldo was the first one to come around, many call him the “original” but that isn’t even his real name.

His parents named him Luis Nazario de Lima, but the world got to know him as ‘O Fenomeno’ (The Phenomenon).

This guy truly was a trendsetter, he was the first modern super striker in football history until he suffered that unfortunate knee injury that changed his style of play forever.


Right after Ronaldo, Ronaldinho came along a few years later. This guy’s name actually was Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, he was also a child prodigy like his compatriot but he played a different position.

‘Dinho’ didn’t particularly love scoring many goals as much as creating them, he played for his teammates and he truly was a magician with the ball at his feet.

We may never see another one quite like him ever again, Ronaldinho did things with the ball that no other players has ever been able to do.

This is a major reason why many of the all-time greats that have met him, bow down to his talent because they know greatness when they see it.

Ronaldinho also had a flaw, which was his predilection for the nightlife. If he wanted to be the best in history, he could’ve done it without a problem.

In fact, Ronaldinho would’ve killed the debate between Messi and Cristiano right now if he had dedicated himself to the sport through discipline.

Then we have the Portuguese Ronaldo, who thankfully is still active today and will be for a number of years.

This guy is the perfect machine, there isn’t really a flaw he has and his stats surpass the other two players by far.

The Juventus star is actually close friends with Marcelo, and not even that could influence the Real Madrid full-back’s response when they asked him who to pick.

Los Blancos’ player offered an interview to Diario AS, he discussed several topics but this is one of the most interesting questions he answered.

The interview started with the question that almost everybody hates to answer, which Ronaldo is his favorite?

“Each of them has his era. Ronaldo Fenomeno is the Fenomeno, his nickname is quite revealing,” said Marcelo on Diario AS.

“You all know what he won, he enchanted people all over the world and everybody knows who Ronaldo ‘O Fenomeno’ is.”

“Ronaldinho Gaucho was spectacular for the joy he had, it was wonderful to watch. And Cristiano is the player with whom I worked for the longest time, I watched him work every day.”

“I saw his focus, his energy, his motivation, and his evolution as a player. He was already a great player when he came to Real Madrid and staying at the top for 13, 14, or 15 years is extremely difficult.”

“Due to how much time I shared with him, Cristiano is the one who impressed me the most both on and off the pitch. But I have to clear that each Ronaldo is right there. They all made their history in football.”

What do you think about Marcelo’s response to the difficult question of who he liked out of the three Ronaldos? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.