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Marcelo about criticism of Ronaldo: It must be envy


Marcelo stood up for his teammate after the game against Bayern

Written by Mads Trudslev. April 13, 2017

The quarterfinal final between Bayern München and Real Madrid ended with a victory for Madrid, after two goals by Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been heavily criticized for not scoring enough. Marcelo talked with the press about the game, but he didn’t use much time to talk about the positive result, that Madrid was taking with them from Germany.

He had a message for the people, who had criticized his Portuguese teammate and an explanation of why the criticism has reigned down over Ronaldo lately.

-I think they have a problem, maybe it’s envy, he said.

-I don’t know what’s wrong with them. He works hard and helps his team.

-It must be envy, you only have to look at this numbers and he still keeps on producing.

-He’s happy to have scored, but he’s even happier about the result.

Marcelo did have some words about the game and especially the red card, that sent Javi Martinez out off the field after 61 minutes.
-We made the most of it. We put in a great performance, but we also let in a goal.