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Marcelo Lippi approves De Rossi’s transfer to Boca Juniors

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During an interview for the Argentine radio, manager Marcelo Lippi approved of Daniele De Rossi’s imminent arrival to Boca Juniors.

This is no longer a drill, Daniele De Rossi is actually very close to becoming a new Boca Juniors player and Marcelo Lippi approves it.

The legendary coach who currently trains the China National Team, had De Rossi in his squad during two different terms in the Italian squad.

The coach actually called-up De Rossi to play for his squad during the 2006 World Cup, which the Azzurri actually won against France in the final.

There are very few managers who know Daniele as intimately as Lippi does, the coach is thrilled that the 35-year old player is fulfilling his dream of playing at the Bombonera before he hangs up his boots.

Contrary to what a lot of people from Argentina are saying, Marcelo doesn’t think that De Rossi is coming to the country for a cash-grab only.

In fact, Lippi believes that Daniele will take this challenge very seriously because this will be the last adventure of his career as a professional footballer and he wants to leave the best impression possible.

The local press is already criticizing Boca Juniors for bringing a veteran player who is near the end of his career, rather than looking for other players who are younger.

Given how much controversy De Rossi’s imminent arrival caused in the country, Lippi felt the need to come out in his defense and tell the world that he believes in Daniele’s talent despite his age.

“I am certain Daniele can have many more years at a high level of performance in a great club,” said Lippi to Radio Villa Trinidad.

“Boca Juniors is one of those great clubs that are recognized around the world. We are talking about an important player who is decisive and has great quality with the ball at his feet.”

“This is a midfielder who can help the squad as a defender, a midfielder, and even on the attack if they asked him to do so.”

“Daniele can help out the whole team, he can also help his teammates. He has great intelligence and unique capabilities.”

“I really don’t know how many more years he will play. We never know what nature has in store for us.”

“All I know is that he will be a very important player to Boca this year. The fans need to greet him with love. He is a very serious individual, very important and very decisive.”

“He will offer his full experience and all his skills to his new club. He has great qualities, but he must receive a warm welcome.”

“I do think this will be his final experience as a footballer and I’m happy he will have it in a great club such as Boca, even if it’s outside of Italy.”

The plan is to place De Rossi in Nandez’s place.

In case you didn’t know, Argentine football only allows six foreign players within a club’s roster every season.

Boca Juniors already has Nandez, Campuzano, Fabra, Villa, Junior Alonso, and newcomer Jan Hurtado.

That’s all six of the foreign players that the rules allow, which means that one of these players needs to leave Boca this summer in order to give De Rossi his spot.

The most obvious choice is Nahitan Nandez, the Uruguay international is a world-class midfielder who is already looking to make the jump to European football.

There was an initial offer from Cagliari for this player but Boca rejected it because it wasn’t convincing enough.

There were rumors of Atletico Madrid liked the option to bring Nandez this season, but Hector Herrera’s arrival closed that door for the player.

Given that De Rossi’s arrival is a sure thing, the Uruguay international will have to look for a new destination in Europe before the end of the summer.

The details of Daniele’s contract are still getting ready for his signature, we could see him signing it before the end of the weekend.

De Rossi will finally fulfill his dream to play at the Bombonera, he must be gushing with excitement.

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