Marcelo says Neymar is better than Hazard

The Real Madrid footballer believes his fellow countryman is a better player than the Belgian superstar.

Real Madrid defender Marcelo might upset some Los Blancos fans with his words.

The Brazilian admitted today that his fellow countryman Neymar Junior is a better footballer than his teammate Eden Hazard.

“Hazard is incredible, really good, and is now my teammate at Real Madrid,” Marcelo told Sport.

“Everyone knows Neymar’s qualities, he’s in the Top 5 too. I’ve known Neymar since his time at Santos.”

Marcelo explained: “He thinks about doing something on the pitch and at the last second does something else. He’s incredible. Comparing them is difficult but for me, Neymar is better.”

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“Neymar is great and the best players in the world are here. It would be a huge pleasure to play alongside him at Madrid but I’m not the one who decides.”

“One time we were in the preseason and, as he’s a friend of mine and Casemiro, he came into in Real Madrid dressing room,” he added.

“He sat down and spoke with us but nothing about football. When the match is over, the rivalry is put to one side.”


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