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Marcelo takes a dig at Santiago Solari, he prefers Zidane

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After a terrible year under Santiago Solari, Marcelo wasn’t nice to the Argentine coach and he obviously picked Zidane above him.

Last season for Marcelo was hell on earth under Santiago Solari, the Argentine coach came in as an interim after Julen Lopetegui was sacked.

The rest of the season was a clear representation of how much some of the players suffered, Solari’s intention was to abruptly take some historic players out of the squad.

The coach was quite nasty towards two players, Isco and Marcelo. There was an evident disagreement with the former Malaga playmaker that didn’t become public, Marcelo was slightly more reserved with his reaction.

The Brazilian full-back was actually the player who suffered the most because Solari picked an academy player to take his place.

Sergio Reguilon is a good player, he proved himself at Real Madrid and he even played better than Marcelo last season.

However, the veteran player deserved a little more respect than what the manager shoed him.

It’s clear that the two of them had a falling out because Santiago didn’t even bother to give Marcelo any explanations.

By the time the Argentine manager left his job, the Brazil international was one of the most relieved when he realized Zinedine Zidane was coming back to coach Los Blancos.

Marcelo’s amazing transformation.

The Real Madrid defender found a whole new motivation with Zinedine Zidane’s return, the French manager told him that he was still important to him but he needed more commitment.

The player immediately started working on his fitness, the results of his dedication were quickly evident on his many vacation photos.

It was pretty clear that Marcelo meant business again, he couldn’t be the one who would let Zinedine Zidane down after everything the Frenchman has done for him.

Out of all the players inside the squad, perhaps Marcelo is the one who has the strongest connection with ‘Zizou’.

Don’t ask us why this is, but Zidane simply loves working with the Brazilian.

Their unique relationship was more evident in the interview the player gave to Diario AS, where he spoke about the method his boss has with him and also took a dig at Solari.

“Zidane tells you everything to your face. He will let you know if he likes or doesn’t like anything, he is very honest with everybody,” said Marcelo via Diario AS.

“The fact that he played football and was one of the best, allows him to get into the players’ minds.”

“Everything is much simpler like this. He lived things that most of the Real Madrid players are going through after winning the Champions League and everything else.”

“However, a manager who didn’t play football can also work if he has the respect of the players and works hard. There isn’t too much mystery to it.”

“If the manager didn’t play football, of course he can also be a great manager. Zidane demands respect.”

“Mourinho also demands respect despite never playing professional football. We used to always listen quietly when Mourinho was talking to the players.”

“All you need is a good way to communicate with the players, understand their mindset. I could’ve made a scene with Solari, yes.”

“I could’ve created a very uncomfortable situation, but I’m not like that. I prefer to work and wait for my opportunity.”

“I remained on the bench for a month, then two months… But I always remain the same, I never change.”

“I kept working and I knew that my chance would eventually come, and it did. I use this as a learning experience, you learn to value everything more.”

“When you know you are going to play, you know you will be a pillar to the squad… I valued that aspect during last season, during those two months that I remained on the bench.”

“I valued every single training session, many moments where I found myself encouraging my teammates…”

“They all saw how I wasn’t playing and they started looking at me differently, they didn’t understand why I wasn’t angry. They didn’t get why I never argued with the manager,” he concluded.

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