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Marchisio is club-less while he recovers

Claudio Marchisio, Juventus, armed robbery , Italy
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Italian midfielder Claudio Marchisio has decided not to join Brescia and has ruled out any other Italian club other than Juventus.

After a brief spell with Zenit Saint Petersburg in the Russian Premier League, Italian midfielder Claudio Marchisio is back home.

And while he had the chance to sign for Brescia, he expects to recover and be able to join Juventus later in the future.

“It’s a different summer for me, the first time I haven’t been participating in pre-season training with any team,” confessed Marchisio according to Football Italia.

“I need a little more time for rehabilitation work, but I’m nearly there and manage to recharge my batteries better by myself than in a group dynamic.”

“I knew that this operation would cost me a lot of time, so it was better for everyone that we terminate the Zenit contract early. I wish the team and fans all the best for this new season,” he added.

“I certainly want to continue playing. There was interest from Suning, but I decided not to pursue it any further, partly because they are too close to Inter and that certainly affected my decision not to accept their offer.”

He explained: “I received many proposals from clubs and also messages from players asking me to join them, but I want to stick to my principles and promises. I said that I’d never wear another Italian jersey after Juventus and that will not change.

“If I do accept a new role, it’ll be with a club outside of Italy. I don’t just look at the offer on the table or the city, but the overall project.”