Marco Asensio could try to earn his position in the right

Young Spanish talent Marco Asensio, is one of the few players who have returned to top form at Real Madrid and he may claim a spot as a right-winger.

Real Madrid just came out of a bad result against Girona at the Santiago Bernabeu last weekend, manager Santiago Solari made the terrible mistake of using Marco Asensio as a left-winger and didn’t give Vinicius Junior the continuity he earned with his great performances this season.

Marco wasn’t able to perform at the level people expect from him but this wasn’t his fault, Solari is the one to blame because he failed to read the proper line up that he should’ve used against Girona last Sunday.

The player that was supposed to remain on the bench instead of Vinicius was Gareth Bale, the Welsh winger is not even close to the player he was during the final third of last season and he is one of the first players who deserve to leave the club next summer.

Signaling Marco Asensio for not performing well against Girona is completely unfair, he was coming fresh out of scoring the winning goal against Ajax in the Champions League and he deserved to play the next match last Sunday but not on Vinicius’ spot.

Santiago Solari hasn’t realized that the Brazilian player is the best he has right now and he shouldn’t miss a single match until the end of the season, recovering Asensio should become his second priority after Vinicius as well.

The Spanish winger is arguably one of the most talented players that Solari currently has at his disposal, the man has a mixture of Spanish with Dutch blood that gives him a special kind of quality as a football player that very few players in the world have.

We can cite the example of Rafael van der Vaart as another player who is half Dutch and half Spaniard, he used to be one of the Netherlands’ best players and Asensio is moving forward to becoming that type of player.

When he first started his career at Real Madrid, it was evident that Asensio likes moving all over the pitch when he goes on the attack but the club’s latest additions have left him on a very limited situation.

Asensio does have the kind of versatility that few players in the club have, he is a leftie who has the capabilities of play in any side of the pitch and his intention is to take Gareth Bale’s spot in the right wing from this moment forward.

Vinicius has already left clear that he will own the left-wing from now until he stops performing at such a high level, which leaves the right flank up for grabs between three players.

The most direct competition that Gareth Bale has is Marco Asensio, Lucas Vazquez is a good player but he is nowhere near the level of performance from the other two.

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We all know that Isco is not even being considered by Santiago Solari, which leaves an even bigger opening for Asensio to earn this position on a permanent basis.

We know that Santiago Solari does trust the young Spanish lad, which leaves the road completely open for him to take on this role as long as Vinicius accompanies him on the left side of the pitch.

We already know that Karim Benzema’s spot is secured as the striker, but Asensio can easily become the wild card of the squad thanks to his speed and stamina.

Let us not forget that the Spanish player doesn’t get injured as regularly as Gareth Bale does, another point that will go in his favor when the manager is making his decisions.

And finally, Marco Asensio is one of those players who has the capability of scoring important goals against important opponents and that is something that any manager loves having in any of his players.

Asensio has proved from a very early age, that he is the type of footballer who can carry a team with a moment of brilliance and possibly even score the goals that get the titles.

All we can do is wait and see how well he does on the right wing from now on, the challenge is there for the taking.

Do you like Marco Asensio as a right winger at Real Madrid or do you prefer another player in that position? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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