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Marco Silva: Being a manager is my passion

Everton FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
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Marco Silva talked about his first season at Everton on an exclusive interview for the Telegraph.

Everton manager Marco Silva believes his club needs stability if they want to achieve better results next season.

He also says being a manager is his passion, as he obviously loves what he is doing.

“When I came here I didn’t have any doubts. The owner (Farhad Moshiri) showed me the idea, I analysed it and realised it was something I needed for my career – a project, something to build. And I think the club also needs to stick with one idea. The stability I need the club also needs.

“Being a manager is more than a job. It’s my passion. From the moment I wake up in the morning, it’s my passion,” Marco Silva told the Telegraph.

Silva talked about the mental side of modern football as well. The Portuguese believes he needs to know as much as he can for the players and help them in case they are facing problems outside of the football pitch.

“It’s important to know as much as I can about the players. Sometimes the problems in their minds are not just what happens here, what we can control here, it’s something more. If you can know the important things in their life it can help your relationship with them. You can understand them more on the pitch.

“I know how they sleep, how they are. When they arrive I know which players I need to speak to, to see what’s happening or not, what’s important in their lives.

“Football is not just about physical, technical, tactical. It’s mental, really. Today in football that’s what makes the difference; it can make the difference in our dressing room. I don’t have doubts that if we were stronger here (touches his head) we will have achieved better results.”