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Marcus Rashford in elite company with open letter

Marcus Rashford
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The Premier League has been on a hiatus but Marcus Rashford has kept himself busy with the children’s cause that is close to his heart.

The recent weeks have seen sportsmen raise their voice in support of Black Lives Matter movement. From America to Europe, athletes have shown their support.

Before this, European footballers, retired and active, showed solidarity with healthcare workers in the fight against corona virus.

Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs gave financial and infrastructure support. Mo Salah continued to give to charity. Mesut Ozil took flak for refusing wage cuts at Arsenal but his behind the scenes philanthropy cannot be understated.

In all of this, Marcus Rashford has stood out. As a child of underprivileged background, knowing full about the fight for next meal, has been active.

His work with FairShare needs to be heralded. He is the sole reason the organization has the ability to provide 3 million meals to those under most threatened by the pandemic.

In company with Ali and Kaepernick

However, it is with his open letter to members of parliament that he has set himself apart. Rashford is not content with the government’s leaving children to fend off for themselves.

The Manchester United striker has done a lot in his personal capacity and has gone one step forward. he is becoming the champion of the underserved and using his exalted status to talk on their behalf.

Rashford is doing what Colin Kaepernick did about police brutality. His open letter can even be compared to Mohammad Ali’s refusal to fight in the Vietnam War.

It can be but it would not be, because he does not stand to lose anything from it, like the aforementioned duo. Both Kaepernick and Ali faced a lot of backlash, and suffered mentally as well as financially.

Rashford should not. England is different from the States. But it should not take anything away from what he is trying to achieve. To stand up to authority and question their actions is a big task.

Football players tend to stay away from this. Mesut Ozil tried with his questioning of China’s actions Uyghurs but was not backed up by Arsenal.

One can only pray Marcus Rashford is more successful in his appeal. We can only hope that his plea does not fall on deaf ears and he can make an impact for the impoverished children.