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Marek Hamsik brings in something special

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SSC Napoli tends to win whenever midfielder Marek Hamsik plays, according to Martin Petras.

The Partenopei captain was instrumental in the win at Torino, whereas he was not considered in the loss to Sampdoria before the international break.

“It was indubitably the best game since Ancelotti came in,” Martin Petras said on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

“A new Coach has come in after three years with Sarri and patience is needed, the team is beginning to take the shape the Coach wants.

“Obviously we can’t start thinking that every game will be like Sunday’s, but step-by-step you’re beginning to see Ancelotti’s work.

“I spoke to Marek after the game, and he told me: ‘when I play, we win.’ If we look at the recent games, that’s true.

“All joking aside, he’s got total respect for the Coach and his teammates, we’ll leave the polemics to others.

“I’ve read some things in the newspapers, but Hamsik shouldn’t play just because he’s been at Napoli for ten years, if he does it’s because he has excellent qualities.

“I got angry when I read in a Turin newspaper that Marek would leave, I’ll confirm that Hamsik will stay as long as he feels useful to the cause.”