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Mariano Diaz was the victim of an attempted robbery

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The Real Madrid forward was followed by at least two people when he left a luxury shop in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

After visiting a luxury shop on the Calle Serrano in Madrid, Los Merengues striker Mariano Diaz was the victim of an attempted robbery.

This happened on Tuesday afternoon while the footballer was walking with an unknown woman, carrying bags of items they had just bought.

“An individual tried to steal the bags by force,” wrote Marca on its English website.

“And according to the testimonies of some witnesses who saw what happened, the suspect rushed to the other side of the street when they heard a scream.”

“Two people ran after the person who had stolen the bags from Mariano and, although they could not catch him, he ended up throwing the bags on the ground, which Mariano himself ended up picking up before leaving the scene without police intervention,” the media outlet added.

“A worker in the shopping area where the events took place claimed that the subjects had been observing the Real Madrid player for some time before entering the shop itself.”

There hasn’t been any official word about the incident from the club or the player himself.