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Mario Balotelli was fined €175,000 for his idiosyncrasies

Mario Balotelli
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Mario Balotelli was given a substantial fine for his strange activities at Man City.

Brescia striker Mario Balotelli is known for getting involved in controversies. During his time at Man City, the Italian’s actions caused some heavy financial damage to him.

Recently Balotelli’s former teammate, Micah Richards, revealed that the 29-year old gave up to €175,000 in just fines to Manchester City. Richards, who was in charge of collecting the fine, recalled that Balotelli got involved in several law breaches such as letting off fireworks in his bathroom, throwing darts at youth players, and ignoring his manager’s instructions.

“Everything else seems to be within sync. [But] Balotelli was always late,” Micah Richards said, as per Give Me Sport.

“We used to give all of our money to charities and by Christmas time we’d have £100,000 or £150,000 in there all from Balotelli being late.

“He would be in the building. Say we had a meeting upstairs – he’d be downstairs just relaxing. He’d come to the meeting but he was just a bit dozy.”

“I tried to be friends with everyone. I told [Balotelli], ‘I’m going to let you off today’. With him, it was every other week so I could only do so much!”