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Marotta is annoyed by questions about Inter’s coach

Luciano Spalletti
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The Italian Sports CEO is tired of talking about the future of Luciano Spalletti at the club and wishes he would be recognized.

60-year-old manager Luciano Spalletti joined Internazionale Milan in 2017.

He signed a contract for two years and qualified the club in 2018 for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in six years.

But his work has been always under question by the Italian media, which is why Inter’s Sport CEP Giuseppe Marotta spoke today how he’s tired of talking about the same topic.

“I believe that this is the new generation in communications, we’re always obliged to deal with this topic which isn’t easy because it’s becoming annoying,” he told the club’s official website.

“The work done by Spalletti has to be recognized.”

He added: “Our aim before the season was to qualify for the Champions League and we’re on track to do it and well.”

“I can’t understand the criticism that has come of late.”

“We have an objective to achieve, everything else is irritation and we have to be alert so that we can deal with these disturbances in the best of ways,” he continued.

“There’s no obvious answer, the figures show that we’ve had problems scoring lately and it’s been noted.”

“Analysis has to be made after the season however because what really matters now is our position in the table,” Marotta concluded.