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Marquinhos was battling diarrhea while marking Messi

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The Brazilian defender revealed he was suffering from a stomach virus when he was assigned the very difficult talk of marking Argentina’s super star.

Stopping Argentina’s superstar Lionel Messi might be one of the hardest tasks in the world.

But doing it while you have diarrhea might be simply hell.

This is what Brazilian defender Marquinhos had to suffer, as the Selecao defeated Argentina this past Tuesday to reach the 2019 Copa America Final.

“It was not easy, no,” he told reporters according to Goal.

“Messi was having an inspired night, not only him but the whole Argentine team, they made a great game.”

“It was very difficult, but I think the team managed to cancel out the attacks of Argentina well,” he added

“The ones we could not have some lucky chances with balls hitting the post and Alisson made some great saves. That makes a strong and solid team.”

“On the day of the game, I ended up suffering a virus, and I spent the day at the hotel. It was very complicated, I had diarrhea and was vomiting,” he said.

“I still managed to play, but with the effort, I put in it worsened and eventually I had to leave the game.”

“After the game, it ended up getting worse too,” he added.

“I had a fever and I ended up having to go to the stadium infirmary, but I managed to get an injection and I feel better.”