Marta feels a great responsibility after winning The Best award

The Brazilian footballer has been chosen for the sixth time as the best women’s player in the world and she believes she can give more

On September 24th, Brazilian superstar Marta picked up her sixth Best Women’s Player award.

The 32-year-old spoke to on how this win represents more responsibility on her part.

“I’m very happy. It’s been an amazing night, but at the same time, I realize that a great responsibility comes with it and that is to always reach and search for your best but, yes, I’m very happy,” she told the FIFA official website.

“You can be certain that there’s a special space in my house for all the awards I have won, even from the very first medal when I was a girl in college! I’m going to organize a little corner that’s very special for this trophy.”

“It’s a moment of magic in your life. What athlete wouldn’t want to be in that pantheon and compete for a prize that has as much prestige as this one,” he added.

“Sometimes, in certain moments, words fail to express the depth of your joy. Today, though, I think I was able to hold back the tears a little bit and made it to the end of my acceptance.”

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“It’s a bit of all three things! I don’t train harder than other players, but I will say this: every day that I go to training, I want to be the best there,” she commented.

“I want to shoot the best, I want to run the fastest, I want to head the ball the best, I want to be the first to every ball.”

“I want other people to look at me and think ‘why does she still have such a desire, after all, that time in football and after winning so many things?’ Because I know that by projecting this attitude and searching this out, that I will find something new to learn every day,” she concluded.


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