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Marta says she still gets nervous

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The Brazilian superstar says she loves playing in the FIFA World Cup, and that she still gets nervous while representing her country.

They say when you love something, or someone, your heart starts racing very fast and you get nervous.

Well, Brazil women’s national team superstar Marta loves football so much, she still gets nervous while playing.

“I get very nervous, which is a bit ridiculous really. I go to the toilet a lot. Goodness me (laughs),” she told FIFA.

“It’s nothing though. It’s just to get myself going (laughs). I can’t eat, and I also have a moment to myself, to speak to God.”

“I always use the front door to get on the bus and to get off,” she added.

“It might seem crazy but it’s just something I do. When the ball starts rolling, I just put everything out of my mind and focus on the job in hand.”

“Very happy, though it’s all down to teamwork,” she explained.

“Marta wouldn’t be the joint top scorer in World Cup history without the help of her team-mates and all the staff.”

“It’s nice and it motivates me too. It’s definitely something that pushes me on when I’m out on the pitch,” the footballer concluded.