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Martial could be “as good as” Henry but something is missing

Martial, Henry
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Thierry Henry believes that Anthony Martial can surpass him as a footballer, but insists something needs to change first.

Anthony Martial was the shock transfer of the 2015 summer transfer window. Manchester United signed the almost unheard of then 19-year-old in a deal worth 60 million Euros.

In his fifth season at United, he has been somewhat of a hit and miss player.

Like Henry, he has played out on the wing, but can also play the role of out and out striker. But he has never demonstrated the kind of numbers that make him a worthy comparison to the Arsenal and France legend Thierry Henry.

So the question is why?

It would be easy to say he is just not that good, but according to retried Arsenal defender Lee Dixon he asked Henry about Martial and the legend believes he can be as good if not better, but something is missing.

Speaking to

Speaking to the Arsenal podcast Handbrake Off, Dixon reveals the former Gunners striker’s thoughts.

He said:

“I talked about that with him Henry recently.”

“I asked him about Martial.

“I said, what he’s like?”

Henry replied:

“Martial is exactly like I was when I came to Arsenal.”

“He needs to go through the process as I did with you lot.”

“I don’t know if the Manchester United dressing room is like that’.”

It appears that Henry holds his compatriot in high regard.

But the question is can Martial still reach the dizzying heights of Henry or is it too late?