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Massimiliano Allegri defends his style after Juventus’ 1-1 draw

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Massimiliano Allegri defended his playing style after Juventus were held to a 1-1 derby draw against Torino on Friday night.

Serbian midfielder Sasa Lukic capitalised on a Miralem Pjanic error to hand Torino an early lead against Juventus. It gave the visitors hope of a surprise victory at the Allianz Stadium.

Despite dominating large portions of the game, Juventus simply couldn’t break through the Torino defence.

But Cristiano Ronaldo rose to the rescue by heading in Leonardo Spinazzola’s in the final six minutes to salvage a 1-1 draw. In fact, it was the Portuguese’s 100th header of his career and his 21st Serie A goal of the season.

However, Allegri was again under the spotlight afterwards as Juventus have only won once in their last six matches.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia for the first time since his falling out with pundit Daniele Adani last weekend, Allegri again defended his methods.

“I was disappointed with what happened on Saturday. But I am here to talk about what happens on the field and I insist not everything is to be thrown away,” the Juventus boss told Sky Sport Italia.

“People have talked for years about this evolution of football, but I don’t think we should throw the baby out with the bathwater and forget everything coaches of our youth taught us.

“Football is not an exact science. Otherwise, you could explain why we had 38 per cent possession against Real Madrid and won 3-1 [Champions League 2018], but we dominated possession with Ajax and lost.

“It is only right there are opinions and I can be criticised, but we should unite everything we have been taught in the past and all that awaits us in the future.

“The players are the stars, they play the game, and we as coaches can only put them in the right conditions to do their best.

“People may criticise my style of football, but the job of a coach is to bring results home for his club.”

Allegri added: “We had three emblematic games against Valencia, Manchester United and Atletico Madrid. I thought our best performance was against Manchester United, but nobody remembers that because we lost.

“I’ve been fortunate to train Juventus and Milan. These are two clubs with different DNA profiles, so you can’t try and emulate Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

“Liverpool had three big scoring chances [against Barcelona], but Barcelona had four and scored three. Why? Because their players are of a higher level and make the difference in certain situations.

“Barcelona have players accustomed to that level and they proved it on the night, regardless of whether Liverpool had a good game or not. It’s like a race. Everyone can run the first 900 metres but very few can run the final 100.”

Juventus will next take on AS Roma at the Stadio Olimpico next Sunday.