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Materazzi reveals what he said to face Zidane’s headbutt

Zinedine Zidane, Marco Materazzi, France vs Italy, World Cup 2006
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Marco Materazzi has opened up on the 2006 World Cup final incident highlighting what exactly caused Zinedine Zidane to lose his cool.

An iconic, and rather forgetful, moment in Zinedine Zidane‘s career awaited him as he took to the pitch to face Italy in an attempt to add a second World Cup winners’ medal to his already glittering trophy cabinet.

Zidane put his side in the lead under just ten minutes after scoring an impressive panenka penalty. Marco Materazzi soon leveled the scoreline following Andrea Pirlo’s corner.

The match was forced into extra time with the score tied at 1-1 after 90 minutes. It was then that the two goalscorers clashed.

As the match neared the end of 120 minutes, Zidane was seen conversing with Materazzi. The French captain then got extremely agitated, in reaction to something he heard, and headbutted the Italian defender.

Zidane was sent off and France eventually lost out to Italy on penalties.

Recalling the incident, as AS reports, Materazzi recently revealed what he said to the Real Madrid manager. He said: “Zidane’s headbutt? I wasn’t expecting it at that moment.

“There had been a bit of contact between us in the area. After that first brush between us, I apologized but he reacted badly. The late tackles, altercations, and exchanges continued until 110 minutes when things reached a head.

“After the third clash, I frowned and he retorted: ‘I’ll give you my shirt later’. I replied that I’d rather have his sister than his shirt.”