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Matic backs Solskjaer’s decision to promote youth at United

nemanja Matic, manchester united, Leicester City
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Nemanja Matic has backed his manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s youth policy at Manchester United.

There was the recent talk of a falling out between Matic and his manager Solskjaer.

The big midfielder out thise rumours to bed by stating that there was no argument and that the Solskjaer picked the team, and whether or not he agreed with him he was in full support of those decisions.

with a mini injury crisis taking place at United, Matic was rewarded for his hard work and patience of the field with his first start of the season.

A youthful midfield has been preferred of late by Solskjaer, which has seen Matic have to take a back seat role.

There will always be the obvious inclusion of Paul Pogba at 26 when he is fit. But the likes of Scott McTominay at 22 and Andreas Pereira at 23  have been preferred to Matic of late.

But Matic has no problem with a players age, he stands firm behind his manager and the choices he makes.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, he believes that age has little to with selection and that ability is the key factor.

He said:

“I think in this season the people from the club they can see who is ready to play already in a high level.”

‘It doesn’t matter if they are 18 or 25 or 35 we can see who is ready and who is not and who will be important for the future.”

“I am happy for them. I like to see young players on the pitch and hopefully, they can bring us some fresh energy for the rest of the season.”

‘I don’t believe in age, good players or bad players.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 35, so I think who played today deserved to play.”

Matic says a team-first mentality is crucial to Manchester United getting back to winning ways.

He continued:

“The most important thing was the team took three points.”

“What we did today is great and I am happy for the young players, they get the opportunity to play here.”

“It’s not always the case in big clubs, and Manchester United is giving opportunities to the guys who grew up here in the academy.”

He added:

“And that’s good because in big clubs they don’t always get opportunities because of the pressure and the results and because everyone wants to win.”