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Matthijs de Ligt answers why he didn’t want to join Barcelona

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The new Juventus signing, Matthijs de Ligt, spoke today why he decided to join the Italian Lega Serie A champions and not the Spanish La Liga kings.

Before he joined Juventus, there was a lot of speculation surrounding Matthijs de Ligt.

Some said he was ready to join Barcelona, others that he wanted to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the end, he joined the Bianconeri and he was quoted by Sport today why he decided not to join Barcelona.

“A lot of people advised me to do that (sign for Barça) but I told them I had to analyze everything and see which option was best for me,” he said.

“Frenkie (de Jong) and I spoke a lot about what we were going to do.”

The Dutch wonderkid explained: “We were honest with each other.”

“It would have been great if we had continued playing together but our careers shouldn’t be dependent on the decision of the other.”

“We both have our own career paths,” he said.

“I looked at all the pros and cons and marked down some things.”

“In the end, you have to feel right about the club which convinces you the most. That’s why I came to Juventus,” he commented.

“There was something new every day. There was one story which said that a club (Manchester United) didn’t want me because my father was overweight.”

“And you start to think, come on. I’m relaxed but at a certain point, these things bother you,” the now-Juventus player concluded.