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Mauricio Pochettino is immensely proud of his players

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After an epic night at Etihad Stadium, manager Mauricio Pochettino couldn’t contain himself and called qualified his players as heroes.

It has been a very challenging season for Mauricio Pochettino and all the Tottenham Hotspurs player this season.

The English club was promised several things by the board of directors that weren’t delivered in the end.

The Argentine manager signed a new contract thinking that he would get some new players for this year’s project but he found a wall every time.

This was the first season in which a top-flight modern football club didn’t sign any players during either of the two transfer windows from this campaign.

And yet, Mauricio Pochettino still made magic out of what he had with a multitude of other issues that we are about to mention.

The boss suffered the threat of both Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min telling him they wanted to leave last season and Pochettino managed to convince both of them.

These two players were the key to a successful season in which Tottenham Hotspur is still fighting to finish the season in the Top Four.

But that’s not all, the Spurs just got installed in the Champions League semifinals in a surreal night at Etihad Stadium after eliminating Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

The Argentine manager was naturally buzzing after the match and his first instinct was to congratulate all his players.

“I am more than happy, I am more than proud,” said Pochettino via BBC Sports.

“To be in the semis was a dream, now we are there. My players are heroes.”

“It is unbelievable to be in Champions League in the quarter-final and beat Man City because in both legs it was very competitive and both legs were even,” he added.

“To score three goals here was not easy. In a game that is like a final, it is difficult to see Manchester City concede the goals they conceded today.”

“One of the most important times in my career like a manager, of course, one of the best.”

“I think today we show and last week against Manchester City that all is possible in football.”

“Sport always gives you the possibility to beat teams that no one believes or thinks we are capable of.”

“Football is not only about talent but belief and to have the right mentality. This team has the personality, character and mentality to believe all is possible.”

“With the quality, we can have this type of performance and achieve these big things. If not, it’s impossible.”

“No goal, VAR, offside” added Pochettino about that last-minute scare in which VAR helped Spurs.

“In a moment many things happened in your head and the disappointment was massive, but they changed the decision,” the boss continued.

“That is why we love football. Today we showed great character and great personality it was an unbelievable game.”

What does Pochettino deserve after this epic night?

It’s hard to stress how important it is for chairman Daniel Levy to attend to every single need that Mauricio Pochettino has for next season.

The Argentine manager was able to create pure magic out of the squad that he already had with no new transfers but he will need some motivation for the summer.

This could start with a new contract extension that secures his future at Spurs for many years to come.

After his personal situation gets sorted, Mauricio will also require a handful of new players and the security that none of his current stars will leave next season.

But we have to leave something crystal clear here. The squad that Pochettino used to reach this historic Champions League semifinals is not a weak side by any means.

Twelve out of all the players he used throughout the season played the most recent World Cup and nine of them played the semifinals.

Pochettino kept having hope all the way because he knew what a competitive side he currently has to possibly even reach the final.

Anything is possible for Tottenham Hotspur at this point, and Mauricio Pochettino deserves to be recognized for his incredible work.

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