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Mauricio Pochettino tipped to become Manchester United manager

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Mauricio Pochettino will eventually end up as the manager of Manchester United, according to his former player Danny Rose.

Pochettino was dismissed as Tottenham boss following a poor run of results back in November.

In his five-and-a-half year stay at the club, the Argentine notably improved Spurs but was unable to guide them to a title.

Since his dismissal, Pochettino has been linked to Manchester United and Real Madrid but recent reports suggest he could he headed for Newcastle.

The 46-year-old’s gardening leave ended today and that means starting tomorrow, he is free to join any club.

Whatever might happen, Danny Rose who played under Pochettino believes his former manager will eventually end up with the Red Devils.

“Without a doubt, without a doubt,” he told The Lockdown Tactics.

“[That intensity] they all got it from [Marcelo] Bielsa. I know Poch, he idolises Bielsa. They all got that work ethic from him.”

Asked on where he thinks Pochettino will end up, Rose replied: “Eventually United.”

The former Spurs boss has revealed he still wants to make an impression in the Premier League. It’s only a matter of where that would happen.