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Maurizio Sarri’s new approach at Chelsea compared to Conte’s

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New Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has a very different way of doing things at Chelsea, very different to the approach that his compatriot Antonio Conte had.

Things are very different at Chelsea now that Maurizio Sarri had taken over the club after Antonio Conte’s stormy exit from the English club, the former Napoli boss brought in a fresh approach that the players needed after coming from a coach that was very strict in many aspects towards the players. Conte is of the same type of philosophy than Jose Mourinho, he believes that the players always need to behave like professionals and he forbids many things that can create animosity against him. Although Conte did win the Premier League for the Blues a couple years back in a spectacular manner, the players couldn’t take so much stiffness during the day-to-day and eventually got tired of the boss to a boiling point that pushed him out of the club. Conte is another one of those managers who don’t think the players are the key component in any club, they think of themselves as the absolute leader of the project and tends to take the spotlight from the true stars of the game.

Along came Maurizio.

Antonio Conte’s CV is actually quite impressive when you look at it, he won almost everything for Juventus and then went on to take Italy to the European Championship final back in 2012. But his methods are ones that get old really fast, the players who are usually more accustomed to the glamorous life of the pro football player are the ones who get at odds with him faster. On the other hand Maurizio Sarri, a bit of a misfit himself, is the type of manager who understands that he needs to loosen up every now and then. The coach immediately changed some of the more strict methods that Antonio Conte had with all the players, he changed the diet to a less restrictive regime and also gave the players the chance to be with their families on gameday and just meet at the stadium hours before the match. Those two changes alone were more than enough to win the players over, the result was swift as they won their first Premier League match 3-0.

Sunday’s crucial London Derby.

But the first big test for this hippier Chelsea will come on Sunday, as the Blues will have to play against Arsenal this Saturday and they will have to put all these new methods to the test. Sarri may help the squad improve on their first season, they may even win a trophy by the end of the tournament because they don’t have to play the Champions League. The Blues play the Europa League which is not as challenging as the other European competition, this means that Sarri will even have a chance to rest some of his best players for many of those games and he will have them ready for a good Premier League season this year. The Italian new boss is also very relaxed during the press conferences, he always tries to play along with the media and always avoids any kind of confrontation, something that Antonio Conte never did and always gave us juicy headlines to butcher him.

Sarri’s style, a double edge sword.

But this more relaxed manner of doing things on a professional level has its pros and cons, we already spoke about many of the benefits but we will use an example to tell you about the complications that will come if the boss doesn’t put his foot down in some situations. We look at yet another Italian manager who also coached Chelsea in the past, Carlo Ancelotti went through the exact same scenario than Sarri at Real Madrid. The former Milan manager came in to replace Jose Mourinho and gave the players a bit more free will, this got them to win the Champions League on the first season but by the second one, it was evident that they weren’t physically ready to win it all again. Ancelotti ended up getting sacked on his second year at Real Madrid, but he did win that European title after all. Sarri should follow Carletto’s lead, but not completely.

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