Mazraoui, on Ramadan fasting and the Champions League

Ramadan started yesterday for the Muslim world and the Morocco international will start fasting even during Wednesday’s Champions League match.

Ramadan started yesterday for all Muslims over the world and even professional footballers like Ajax wing-back Noussair Mazraoui will participate in it.

The 21-year-old player is confident that his religious obligation will not affect his performance.

“I will be fasting. I’m used to it. Are you allowed to eat when you have to deliver a heavy effort? People have different opinions about that, but this is my choice,” Mazraoui’s words were echoed by Goal.

“I feel pretty energetic during the Ramadan. I don’t feel it while playing football. On Wednesday we play at 9 pm. I can drink at 9.15 [after sunset]. If I’m playing, I can walk to the side to drink a sip. If I’m playing.”

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid

I don’t see Zidane finding a solution: Mijatovic

According to the former Real Madrid forward, Pedja Mijatovic, Los Blancos coach Zinedine Zidane will suffer a lot in this second era at the club.

“It’s exactly like what the coach said. We have more than eleven players and we’ll need everyone,” he added.

“That’s what you experience during the final end of the season. I’ve been suspended twice lately and I’ve missed a couple of games due to an injury. Therefore it’s important.”

Mazraoui joined Ajax in 2018 after two years with the Jong Ajax squad. He’s a product of the team’s youth system.

He also played for Morocco U20 national team and then in 2018 was called for the senior squad.


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