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Mazzarri wants Torino to qualify for Europa League

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Torino coach Walter Mazzarri believes his team has what it takes to get a victory against Debrecen in the UEFA Europa League Qualifying Playoffs.

The first leg of the UEFA Europa League preliminary round kicks off this Thursday as Torino will try to defeat Debrecen.

“Debrecen has been training for six weeks already, they’ve played a qualifying round too, so that’s the main difficulty we’ll be dealing with,” said Torino coach Walter Mazzarri according to Football Italia.

“However, we do have the advantage that we’re practically the same squad as last season, so we know what we’re doing.”

“It’s fundamental that we keep a clean sheet because Debrecen’s biggest strength is the counter-attack and we’ve got to be wary,” he added.

“We need to use our heads and pass the ball around when we’re tired, not just surge forward without focus.”

“Last season we were in extraordinary shape, but we can’t play that way at this moment, so we must be more mature in controlling the tempo,” he commented.

“This is the most dangerous game of the campaign and I hope they won’t let the praise go to their heads.”

The manager added: “I have to thank several players who cut their vacations short in order to be here, but some nonetheless arrived at the last minute.”

“I am apprehensive and trying to transmit that sense of danger to the players so they keep on their toes. I’ll keep some doubts on the starting XI until tomorrow morning.”