According to the former French Ligue 1 striker, the 20-year-old is the biggest star in Paris Saint-Germain, ahead of Neymar.

Brazil’s Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 for €222 million.

Since then, he’s been trying to be the star the club needs, but he has been shadowed by 20-year-old Kylian Mbappe.

And for former French Ligue 1 striker Jean-Pierre Papin, Mbappe is the biggest star of the team without a doubt.

“The real weapon of PSG is not Neymar, it’s him,” Papin told Goal.

“We could have predicted that. Even if Neymar is galactic, the real star of PSG is Mbappe.”

He continued: “For two years now, Neymar has offered some fabulous flashes, but Mbappe is there all the time.”

“It was about time! I’ve been part of the story and it’s good when others improve things.”

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Neymar says no to PSG contract extension offer

The last summer saw one of the most dramatic sagas in football unfold, as Neymar remained PSG's player after all the turmoil.

“Thirty goals is a lot, especially for a 20-year-old kid. The difference with me is that I did it once and he will do it several times,” he added.

“When, at 19, you win the World Cup, you score goals in the Champions League and you reach 30 goals in Ligue 1″

“He is able to score all the time. There is nothing to say about the quality of Kylian. He is just exceptional,” Papin commented.

“Kylian, of course, but we can put [Antoine] Griezmann and [Karim] Benzema next.”

“Benzema scored another hat-trick this weekend and has scored goal after goal with Real. It’s so difficult. Kylian’s difference is his age,” he concluded.


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