McCarthy says he “hated” the Ireland win against Gibraltar

The Ireland manager explained how his team felt when they visited the island, saying it was “just bizarre.”

In March, Republic of Ireland defeated Gibraltar 1-0 thanks to a goal by Jeff Hendrick.

But according to Irish manager Mick McCarthy, playing in Gibraltar was not good, as he “hated” very moment there.

“Gibraltar was the hardest game because of the pitch, it was horrible because of the opposition and it was howling a gale, it was just bizarre,” the coach told Sky Sports.

“It was really tough and I said afterward I hated it because I knew the circumstances of not winning.”

Keane explains how his contract works with the FAI

The Football Association of Ireland gave a longer contract to Robbie Keane thank manager Mick McCarthy.

He added: “That was a hard game and we are going to have to beat them when they come to Dublin and they will be trying their best.”

“Against Gibraltar, we didn’t create many chances and against Georgia, we created lots and played far better.”

“When a team like Denmark comes out and attacks we can create chances, we’ve just got to start taking them,” he commented.

“Have we ever been a prolific scoring nation? I don’t know. Winning is the name of the game.”