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McCarthy says he will leave Ireland after EURO 2020

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The manager says he won’t be seeking an extension to his second spell, whatever happens in the EURO 2020 campaign.

Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy has said he won’t look for an extension to his contract after the EURO 2020 campaign is over.

“I haven’t given it any thought,” McCarthy told The42.

“I’ve got four more games to try and qualify for Euro 2020 and I’m hoping that’s going to be the case.”

“If we get there and we do well, and if that’s my last of it, I’ll be delighted. I’m cool. That’s my agreement at the moment,” he said.

The team will have to play against Denmark and Georgia, and twice against Switzerland to try to make it to the EURO 2020.

As per capitalizing on the success of U21’s coach Stephen Kenny, he was clear to say: “No, I’m not looking to do that.”

“That’s completely unfair. Stephen is doing great with the U21s. They’re playing Brazil in the semi-final tomorrow.”

“To be asking me that question when there’s an agreement in place that it’s going to happen, that’s not particularly nice, I don’t think,” he concluded.